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Root Canal Therapy

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What is Root Canal Therapy:

Root canal therapy completely relates to the problem that arises due to nerve infection. If the inner nerve gets infected it, urgently, requires a treatment called Endodontics or root canal. If this nerve infection is left untreated, then there are higher chances of having dangerous dental problems in the future like Oral cancer.

Root canals are quite famous among the mass not because they common but due to their painful dental procedure. Weird myths are traveling in the minds of people regarding the root canal procedure. Which is the main reason patients get nervous before the treatment and some people don’t even go for it. That is a major cause of increasing dental problems.

But, there is a piece of good news for every person thinking of getting root canal therapy. That with the advancement of technology, various anesthesia facilities like Sedation dentistry are provided to the patients. With the help of it, they can enjoy a pleasant root canal surgery with their eyes wide open, and they feel no pain at the same time.

Isn’t it magical?

Indeed, it is because you will get rid of that pain that is preventing you from enjoying your favorite food and smoothie. Our dental experts are going to serve you with pain-free and enjoyable root canal treatment. Just call us now and avail of our service.

Typical Symptoms of Root Canal Therapy

If your answer is yes to any of the following questions, then don’t wait anymore and book your appointment with our experts for your root canal treatment:

  • Do you have frequent tooth and gum pain?
  • Are you experiencing extreme sensitivity to heat, cold, and pressure?
  • Do you have an old cavity that is causing pain now?
  • Are your lymph nodes are getting swollen?
  • Is there any pus that is draining in your mouth?

The procedure of Root Canal Therapy:

The root canal procedure to be followed will be analyzed by our dental expert in the first sitting after a careful scanning of your mouth through a digital X-ray. Then instructions will be given to you, if you want to avail yourself of the sedation facility. Once everything is done the procedure, will commence in the second sitting. You will be given the sedatives before the procedure.

While the sedative reacts, your tooth will get numb and a rubber dam will be placed on it for keeping it dry throughout the process. A deep opening will be made in the infected teeth and all the affected nerves, tissue, bacteria, will be removed along with tooth decay.

Then the teeth are cleaned for dental filling and after it, the dental crown is placed to keep the teeth protected.

Once the treatment is completed for the coming few weeks, you will feel sensitivity from hot and cold intake. But after the healing period, you can have anything you want to eat without any fear of pain in your gums and nerves.

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