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Mouth Guards

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Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards are the removable caps for your teeth set. They are most commonly used by sports players. As they are at a higher risk of getting a facial injury while playing on the field. It is always advisable for normal people also to get a guard for their mouth. Because no one can forecast any mishappening that may happen, and you lose your teeth in it. Therefore, having a mouth guard is never going to be a bad decision for you.


Following are the types of Mouth Guards that are usually available at our clinic:

  • Boil and bite
  • Stock
  • Custom-designed
Boil and bite

Many players prefer these Boil and Bite Mouth Guards as they are made out of thermoplastic. Because of this, it can get malleable when heated. Thereby, making a custom-fit look on your teeth. But it may get loose in fit after some time.


These are pre-made guards easily available to you at the counter of a sports good shop. But it carries a major drawback in terms of its flexibility. As it is rigid and causes discomfort because of improper fit. It may also cause teeth drifting if there is any vacant space in your mouth.


These are only available at a dental clinic, and they will be prepared only on order. Because of its design, the dentist will take a real impression of your teeth structure and then make a guard from it through 3D technology.

To make an excellent fit on your mouth and provide you with superior quality protection, that can save you from any unforeseen disaster. These Mouth Guards are the most recommended ones by dental experts.

Procedure for Custom-Designed Mouth Guards

At our dental clinic, our top-rated orthodontic expert will take your two sittings on different days. Which will be 20 min long. Described as follows:

First Sitting:

During the initial sitting, our dental expert will provide you with the general instructions of maintaining oral hygiene while using a mouth guard along with its benefits. Soon after that, your teeth impression will be taken. And during this stage, you must disclose if you want a transparent or a colored Mouth Guard.

Second Sitting:

This sitting is about making sure that your Mouth Guard makes a perfect fit on your teeth. And if it does, then you can carry it home with its case.

Care of Mouth Guards

You will be given a dental model for keeping your custom-made Mouth Guards along with a carrying case. When not in use mount them on the model and if you are out then place them inside your case. Make sure to rinse it after use. In adults, we usually change it once in three years or before if they get broken.

To know more about its procedure and benefits, contact us and book your appointment today only. Because investing small sum on Mouth Guards is going to be the best decision of your life.

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