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Kids Dentistry at Smile Dental Clinic

A kid’s dentist or more appropriately known as a “pediatric dentist” is the one who deals with oral health, preventive care, regular dental check-ups, complete orthodontic assessment, etc of toddlers and infants. Taking care of your child’s teeth is a primary duty of their parents. Therefore, the selection of the right kid’s dentist becomes crucial.

A Kid’s dentist should be full of patience and cheerful. Because an arrogant dentist will have the worst impact on your child’s mental health as well as it will make the word “dentist” not less than a “Villain”. Thereby, regular oral check of your infant is important, but the selection of the right dentist is a necessity at the same instance. And we are here to assist you in that, book your appointment with our top-rated kid’s dentist and avail various offers along with a great dental experience for your infant.

Our Focus

Our kid’s dental specialists work on two major principles while dealing with children. The primary focus is to inculcate healthy oral habits, among the children that will remain with them till their life. Our dental experts always spend some time with their kid patients for explaining to them the necessity of keeping up with healthy oral habits along with the danger they may experience if they don’t maintain oral hygiene at a young age. Adding up to this, parents also appreciate this initiative.

Our secondary focus is to preserve the dental health of today for the coming future. We want that your child may enjoy the benefit of aligned and healthy teeth throughout their life. Therefore, we also recommend interceptive orthodontics for your children who have a small arch.

So, don’t delay your child’s first dental check-up and book your appointment with our kid’s dentist on a single tap now.

What does Our Kid’s Dentist do?

As per the rules soon after getting the dentist license, our dentists have studied for 2-3 years more for nuances for working with kids as patients. The patient ranges from a child after birth to toddlers and adolescence. Our kid’s dentist doesn’t only keep the information only to the children but acts as a great source of oral health advisors to the parents. Thereby, helping in the identification of any dental problem before it gets worse.

At times, Our pediatric dentist also conducts knowledge sessions for infants and toddlers parents with the motive of teaching them the ways to keep their kid’s teeth healthy and gums stronger. They also advise on a healthy diet for the infants.

Therefore, having an appointment with a kid’s dentist will serve you with all-around benefits for making your child’s teeth better than ever, and its benefit can be seen even in adulthood. So, Book your appointment today.

  • Complete dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Custom Dentures
  • Overdentures
Complete dentures

It is used when the dental expert has to insert a complete set of teeth into your mouth. Complete dentures will require a flesh-like acrylic base to fit on the gums and roof of your mouth. Thereby, make a perfect and natural fit.

Partial dentures

To fill up the gap of a few missing teeth, this partial denture is the priority.

Custom Dentures

As the name suggests, it is designed in a more natural and real way. For making a natural fit on your gums. Thereby, adding up to the normal cost of a denture.


This is more like implants as a titanium screw-like post is inserted directly, into the jawbone till the gums cover it up. And then the top of it is covered with dental implants. The benefit of this denture is that it’s completely removable.

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