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Dental Tooth Fillings

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Dental Tooth Fillings

The dental filling is restorative dentistry which is used to restore or repair the minimal tool fractures, damaged teeth surface, and even tooth decay. The material used for dental fillings involves porcelain, composite, and silver amalgam. As they are best for making the teeth surface equal and better for chewing.

When the teeth become hollow due to tooth decay or trauma. These dental fillings come to your rescue. As they fill this gap and save it from further decay. Dental fillings are also used to treat the case of a cracked tooth by filling them to their previous shape.

Types of Dental Filling:

Generally, there are various types of fillings, but the one to be used depends on the decay and damage to your teeth. The following are the four most used dental fillings:

  • Metal Filling;
  • Amalgam Filling;
  • Composite Filling;
  • Porcelain/ceramic filling.

Do you need Dental Filling?

Well, to figure out whether you need a dental filling treatment or not. Do consider the following symptoms and signs:

  1. You have a dark-colored spot on your teeth.
  2. During an accident, your teeth get chipped or cracked.
  3. You are facing tooth sensitivity issues.
  4. The food that you intake gets stuck between your teeth.
  5. There is a hole along with multiple cavities in your mouth.

Did you nod on any of the aforementioned signs?

If yes, then there is the complete change that you must require a dental filling treatment. To avoid any serious dental problem in forthcoming years, thereby consult the dental expert as they hold the answer to the final decision of dental filling.

The procedure of Dental Fillings

The foremost step in the procedure of dental filling involves the dental examination through a probe with a detecting liquid, and it will also include an X-ray for knowing the exact place of decay. After that, the dentist will commence preparing the filling material along with the necessary surrounding types of equipment and cleaning the affected area. Once everything is ready, the tooth that is to be filled is prepared. The damage and decay are cleared through the dental handpiece or laser (manually).
The initial step of composite filling involves the isolation of the infected teeth. The isolation of the teeth is crucial for the process, cause the non-isolated teeth will release moisture at the bonding step. Moreover, during the bonding process, many adhesives along with composite material are used which are later on converted into a solid piece through a bonding light. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the teeth isolated before filling. Furthermore, the major benefit of composite dental filling is that it fills up your teeth with a functional, solid, and natural appearance.

Recovery and Aftercare

Once the cavity has been filled or decay has been removed. The dental expert will share the preventive measures with you. To avoid the decay and plaque to re-establish themselves.

Normally, complete dental oral hygiene is advised along with flossing. As oral hygiene is the best way to keep your teeth safe from those “Tiny Black Monsters”. Maintain regular dental appointments and sittings with your dentist. So, if there is anything wrong, it may be detected and eliminated at the site only. Maintain a properly balanced diet and avoid the intake of sugary things.

And if you find anything creepy in your mouth. Never hesitate to visit or call your dentist immediately!!

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