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Digital X-rays

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What are Digital X-rays

People are now becoming more conscious about their health. And they keep a note of their safety before having any diagnosis. This is the reason dental technology shifted from film x-rays to digital ones. As the digital x-ray doesn’t only provide an accurate picture of the problem, but also emits minimum harmful radiation. Which is making these film x-rays outdated with every passing year.


The procedure for doing a digital x-ray is completely dynamic as it depends on your dental problem. But generally, a sensor is inserted in your mouth having a camera on it to give a clear view of what’s happening inside on the screen. With this digital x-ray, dentists can even capture the picture of the infected area in a colored view through a scanner. This not only helps in future reference but also provides a first-hand view of an actual dental disease from which the patient is going through.

Moreover, with a print of their x-ray, the patient can rest assured about any fraud. They can also take it for analyzing it themselves as well as from some other dental expert if they don’t feel satisfied with the current dental services.

Benefits of Digital X-ray

Digital x-rays provide advantages to both the patient and the dentist. It supports an ultra-zoom in feature through which dental experts can give a proper and accurate analysis of the current oral health of the patient. Adding to it will also aid in identifying any dental problem before it gets worse. On the other hand, It becomes easier for the dental expert to explain the oral health of the patient and to teach them the benefits of maintaining complete dental hygiene. As if, there is something wrong with the oral health of the patient that will make them concerned about their dental hygiene. Thereby, it serves both the dental expert and the patient itself.

In our clinic, we are using both the traditional and digital x-ray methods depending upon the patient will we perform the x-ray. But it is preferable to make the use of advanced technology which not only gives accurate results but also brings up the result of your diagnosis can be transferred through mails within few minutes of taking it. Whereas it takes weeks for getting the film x-ray result in a form of a hard copy.

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