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Affordable Dentures in Toronto

Smile Dental Toronto takes pride in offering top-quality dentures to Toronto patients and the surrounding area. We specialize in providing a wide variety of dentures that fits your budget & needs. Extensive denture-crafting experience lets us fabricate your denture in Toronto, keeping the cost as low as possible while not compromising on quality.

You will receive an individualized denture treatment that will work for your desires many years down the road. We ensure that our patients have the most comfortable dental visits for their denture treatment in Toronto and help them feel no pain and discomfort.

Our denture specialists utilize the latest techniques to make customized Toronto dentures that fit each patient’s unique requirements. We look forward to taking your phone call for a free consultation. Contact us and schedule an appointment now!

Needing Denture Services in Toronto?

Our world-class dentures in Toronto are fabricated with the highest quality materials. We are among the leading denture providers and keep up with the latest denture techniques. The false-teeth dentures we provide at Smile Dental Toronto are natural-looking and uniformly colored. Thus, our denture services are a fantastic option for those who suffer from missing teeth.

Whether you need partial dentures, complete dentures, or implant-supported dentures as a Toronto patient, we are here to help. Our team of cosmetic dentists and dental specialists can restore both the health and beauty of your smile through state-of-the-art denture treatment in Toronto and neighborhood.

We invite you and every one of your family members to our dental clinic and provide you with quality treatments such as fillingsimplants, veneers, bridges, and dentures in Toronto. Give us a call right away.

Quality Dentures for a Lifetime Smile 

Dentures can be a long-lasting solution for your missing teeth. Our teeth can be lost due to various reasons, such as gum disease, injury, or tooth extraction. Many patients turn to our denture services in Toronto to find an ideal solution for their missing teeth. If you need a partial denture, we can make it so similar to your remaining natural teeth.

Dentures are typically custom-made, considering your individual needs and desires. Those who are looking for a trusted denture specialist in Toronto can contact our dental clinic with no worries and hesitation. Our dentists at Smile Dental Toronto will help you choose the type of dentures which work best for your smile. Get in touch with our caring staff for more information.

Why might Dentures be for you?

As mentioned previously, all of us may lose one or several teeth during our lives due to different reasons. Following, we explain the most common reasons responsible for having denture treatment in our Toronto dental clinic:

Tooth Decay:

If you have been a victim of tooth decay for some time, then there are maximum chances of having a missing tooth. Because tooth decay can lose up the gums, thereby causing tooth loss and many emergency dental problems. So, to restore your tooth structure and smile, one has to undergo our Toronto dentures treatment.

Gum diseases:

If gum problems are neglected during their initial state, then it may cause the tooth loss. And to restore them, you have to get a denture. We have met many patients who have lost their teeth because of gum disease and aim to get partial dentures in Toronto to replace them.


An accident can cause huge damage to your facial organs, including your teeth. Therefore, the best option to get back your beautiful smile is to have a denture or other dental procedure, depending upon the amount of injury and your mouth condition. Call us right now and book your appointment with our denture experts in Toronto. Don’t wait anymore to get your dream smile and enhanced visual look.

Types of Dentures

Undoubtedly, the list of denture types is a long one. The aforementioned are the most common types of dentures. Our Toronto denture dentist can determine which type is suitable for you, depending upon the condition of your teeth loss. Here are some of the most common types of dentures we offer to Toronto patients.

  • Complete Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Custom Dentures
  • Overdentures
Complete Dentures

It is used when the dental expert has to insert a complete set of teeth into your mouth. Complete dentures will require a flesh-like acrylic base to fit on the gums and roof of your mouth. Thereby it can make a perfect and natural fit. Give us a call to gain more information about our denture services in Toronto.

Partial Dentures

To fill up the gap of a few missing teeth, this partial denture is the priority.

Custom Dentures

As the name suggests, it is designed in a more natural and real way. We recommend custom-made dentures in Toronto to make a natural fit on your gums. Thereby, the normal cost of a denture may increase if you require a denture with a personalized design.


This is more like implants as a titanium screw-like post is inserted directly into the jawbone until the gums cover it up, and then the top is covered with dental implants. The benefit of this venture is that it’s completely removable.

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