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Professional Dental Cleaning in York

As you know, it’s recommended to go for a dental cleaning twice a year. Performing quality yet affordable dental cleaning is a routine procedure at Smile Dental Centre. Still, many people are afraid of this process. The reason behind this fear is all the grinding and scraping sounds that one hears come out of their mouth. At Smile Dental Centre, we aim to provide comprehensive dental cleaning services in York district, Toronto while ensuring our patients’ peace of mind.

If you’d like to get a state-of-art yet affordable dental cleaning in York, Toronto, you should give our team at Smile Dental Centre a call as soon as possible. Other than that, we will explain what our York dental cleaning involves for those of our patients who are nervous about getting this dental service. 


The Process of Dental Cleaning

Although we all have an oral hygiene routine, no amount of brushing and flossing at home can substitute professional dental cleaning. The York dental cleaning our dedicated dental specialist provides for valued patients consists of 6 simple steps. These steps are designed to free your mouth of debris and protect it against cavities and gum disease. 

Below we will go over each of the six steps our cutting-edge dental cleaning services in York, Toronto will include.


Step 1: This is a step for a general examination of your oral cavity and its health. If there is a dental cavity or other emergency dental issues, our dental hygienist will suggest you remove them with the help of our experienced emergency dentist in York

The dedicated and experienced dental hygienist working with us usually conducts our advanced dental cleanings in York district. The hygienist will use a circular mirror and check around your mouth, looking for cavities in your teeth or gum disease. Suppose you have any of those factors present. In that case, our hygienist performing the best York dental cleaning services will ask your dentist if they can proceed. Once they ensure the procedure is safe for you, they will continue to step 2. If you strive to get a professional dental cleaning in York, look no further than Smile Dental Centre.  


Step 2: In this step, plaque and tartar will be removed from your mouth. This step is the most popular part of dental cleaning. As trusted dental cleaning specialists in York, the more accumulated plaque and tartar you have, the longer your dental cleaning session will be. Dental plaque is a bacterial substance that sits on and in between your teeth and underneath your gum line. Plaque can mostly be cleaned at home with proper brushing and flossing techniques. Once the plaque remains unattended for too long, it will turn into tartar or calculus.

Unfortunately, tartar can only be removed at a dental office with the professional help of a dentist or dental hygienist. When removing the plaque and tartar, our dental hygienist will use that same round mirror as a guide to clean your teeth. The scraping noises of the dental cleaning process start in this step, but they are nothing to worry about. The York dental cleaning we provide in Smile Dental Centre is a safe procedure for your teeth and mouth.


Step 3: Once the plaque and calculus have been removed from your oral cavity, our York dental hygienist will use an electric toothbrush and special toothpaste to clean your teeth further. The electric brush has extra power, and the toothpaste has mini particles that scrub against your teeth and clean them further. This method is safe to use on teeth up to twice a year. But anything more than that will begin to harm your tooth enamel.


Step 4: This is a short, simple step in which our hygienist will floss your teeth with expertise that will help them get into every corner of your mouth, clean your teeth and gums properly, and avoid incidents that might lead to bleeding gums as well. All these steps are done in our modern dental clinic to ensure you will have the modern dental cleaning in York, Toronto you have ever experienced. 


Step 5: In this step, you will get rid of any plaque, tartar, toothpaste remnants, and other substances in your mouth completely. You will rinse your mouth and prepare for the next, final step.


Step 6: Lastly, you’ll get fluoride treatment on your teeth. The treatment might be in the form of a foamy gel or a sticky paste, with variable taste options your hygienist will let you choose from. This step is a protective measure to preserve your teeth from bacteria and cavities. With the end of this step, your dental cleaning is also over. All scary stuff is already behind you at this point. 


Why Smile Dental Centre for Dental Cleaning in York, Toronto?

At Smile Dental Centre, you can get comprehensive services regarding perfect dental cleaning in York district, Toronto. We aim to give you the bright, beautiful, and healthy smile of your dreams. Give us a call or use the patient form below to book an appointment now!  

Besides, we perform other comprehensive dental services for those residing in York and the surrounding area. If you want to replace your missing teeth with quality yet affordable dental implants in York, or if you strive to change the size, form, and color of your teeth with professional dental veneers in York, we are the ones who can help you. Even if you are suffering from stains on your teeth and just want to change them to pearly white teeth, you can benefit from our state-of-art teeth whitening treatment in York