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High-Quality Dental Bridges in York

Did you know that dental bridges are one of the most popular methods of eliminating tooth gaps? That’s right. Suppose accidents or genetic reasons have created a gap between your teeth. In that case, our York dental bridges here at Smile Dental Centre can help you get the function and appearance of your smile back.

If you are a Toronto resident looking for reliable dental bridge services in York, Smile Dental Centre is here to help you get the smile of your dreams. We offer comprehensive dental bridge services in York, Toronto and are here to offer you other restorative and cosmetic dental services in York too!

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are artificial teeth used to fill tooth gaps. They are made of two parts: dental crowns and pontics. The dental crowns will be used to attach the dental bridge(s) to the teeth adjacent to the gap and secure it. In order to do that, these dental crowns require healthy, sturdy teeth underneath them. Generally, the teeth anchoring the dental bridges can be natural healthy teeth or dental implants.

With years of experience and expertise, the dental specialists working in our clinic utilize advanced dental equipment to provide state-of-the-art dental bridges in York district, Toronto and the surrounding area. Besides, those who need other cosmetic and restorative dental services such as professional dental implants in York, emergency dental services in York, and dental veneers in York, to name a few.

On the other hand, pontics are the teeth that fill the gap. They are attached to the crowns and will give the person the function and the appearance of their smile back. With our York dental bridges here at Smile Dental Centre, you can confidently smile and show your beautiful, well-functioning teeth to the world.

Who Is Eligible for Our Dental Bridges in York, Toronto?

As mentioned before, tooth gaps might result from accidents or genetic causes. More specifically, most tooth gaps are caused by cavities, gum disease, or injuries. Congenital conditions might also play a role in the forming of tooth gaps. Whatever the reason, if you have a gap between your teeth and good dental health status, you are qualified to get our cutting-edge dental bridges around York.

How Can You Benefit from Dental Bridge Services?

Missing teeth can lead to several problems. When there is a gap between your teeth, or when there is a lost tooth, your other teeth tend to migrate, moving towards that gap to fill it up. In addition, your teeth in your opposite jaw might move as well, which can cause more problems. Other common problems caused by missing teeth include difficulty chewing, pain from the tension on the other teeth and jaw, and bite problems can be named as well. For the reasons above, our team of professional cosmetic dentists urges you to get the gap between your teeth filled to avoid further problems. That is why we try our best to perform top-of-the-line dental bridge services in York district, Toronto and the area around.

Curious to know if you’re a good candidate for our York dental bridges? Or have you already made up your mind and would like to get the advanced dental bridges we offer as soon as possible? Either way, give Smile Dental Centre a call and book an appointment today! You can also use the online patient form below! We can’t wait to bring you the smile of your dreams.